Difference Between “Tartan Kilt” and “Utility Kilt”

Most of the people are confused between “Kilt” and “Modern Kilt’s” construction, sometimes say Skirts instead of Kilts. There are some points to define each.

  • Fabric:

The original kilt or more accurately speaking a Tartan kilt has its history which belongs to Scotland, Ireland, and Celtic or Tribes. Every tribe has its printed fabric design called Tartan; therefore, there is 100+ design of the fabric. A basic kilt is made of Tartan fabric which belongs to Clan of Scotland or Ireland.

A utility kilt is an advanced form of basic kilt made of different styles and materials. Most of the modern utility kilts are in Cotton, Denim, Camouflage and other stretchy stuff. It’s just a modern fashion garment, and it doesn’t have any history as tartan kilt has

  • Construction:

A basic kilt has history and its development based on historical handmade process with needles without a use of any machine. It’s a unique factor for Tartan kilt.

Utility kilt is also called as a contemporary kilt in a modern age. It possesses less use of hand than the machine. Most of the manufacturers use a simple Singer or Jockey machine to manufacture.

  • Basic Design:

Historical kilts have their traditional design and layout, normally a Tartan kilt has front apron and back pleats, front apron is about 14-16” wide and covers front area of legs. One side of apron has the fringe ending, and back pleats look ravishing while walking. The primary objective behind back pleats is using more fabric for staying warm in cold weather.

Modern kilts are also called working kilts and are made with modern needs. It has front apron about 10” wide and ends in middle of both of leg, besides front apron most of men’s and women kilts have side cargo pockets to carry gadgets while working and doing other stuff. It’s a great advantage to Modern kilts that you can take more stuff safely. Further, it has different kinds of rings and hooks to attach key rings. It has standard pleated back as Tartan kilts. Best example of handmade kilt with pockets is cargo pocket utility kilt.

  • Pockets:

Scottish and Irish people use a purse called Sporran with belt to carry their stuff while wearing kilt. The reason behind is it’s a traditional Tartan kilt which doesn’t have any pocket since the start of kilt.

A Contemporary kilt has many designs but now in market, Standard Modern Kilt has three pockets, one on each side of leg which is called Cargo pocket and one at back area, which is called Bone pocket. Sometimes, a bone pocket has Flop over it and sometimes doesn’t have any Flop.


  • Kilt Fastening:

In ancient times, Tartan kilts were fastened with long and thin piece of same tartan fabric but with evolution in fashion, traditional tartan kilts manufacturer are using adjustable leather straps for fixing their kilt designs. Each Tartan kilt has two leather straps at right side and one leather strap at left side, and one can adjust it as per increase and decrease in size: almost up to 2-3 inches.

In the fashion industry, there are rapid changes and people want new things with every new day. Same is the case with the fashion utility kilts. Designers are using leather straps, buttons, hooks, cotton straps, chains for fastening their kilts and giving more grooms to their new upcoming designs.

Above mentioned facts are the major differences between Basic Tartan kilts and Modern Utility kilts. For More precise idea and further guidance, visit this website.

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